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The recreational and building amenities play a major role in the selection of the right homes. The Camella Homebuilders make sure that all the residents have the best of the amenities allowing leading a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. The surrounding of the gated community is known for its serene surroundings as it is located away from the city hustle. There is a number of amenities that help residents stay healthy and fit. Around 50 % of the total space is reserved for amenities.

There is a large swimming pool aimed at relaxing the residents after a long and tiring day at work. The clubhouse can be used as perfect space for a getting together and meet-up amongst all the residents and celebrate an event. There is a basketball court and tennis court aimed at supporting and encouraging residents to play and stay healthy. The in-house gym is well equipped and is a great boost for healthy living for the residents. The landscaped garden allows the residents to walk leisurely and relax during the evening. The playground for children is perfect for children to play and stay active. There is also a designated picnic area within the campus.

Apart from just the outside amenities, it is very important that all the individual units are well equipped with necessary features. The units are currently in the pre-selling stage and have provision for 24 x 7 water supply, centralized trash system, fire alarm system etc. The entire unit has bedrooms, living space, dining space, kitchen along with toilet and bathroom; numbers may vary depending on the size of the units. The developers have not compromised on the security of the residents. The community is a gated one and has a perimeter fence surrounding the space. There are 24 x 7 security services and the guards ensure that they question every visitor before letting them in.

  • Clubhouse
  • Basketball court
  • Playground's for kids
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